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About Ancestorworks 5

Ancestorworks 5 (ANW) is freeware genealogy software. It works only with Apple II computers using AppleWorks 5.1. It does not work with any versions of AppleWorks prior to version 5.1.

It also does not work with Macintosh AppleWorks, formerly named ClarisWorks. It will work on a Macintosh computer running Apple II emulation software. In particular, it has been tested on Bernie ][ the Rescue.

ANW will also work with any kind of Apple II computer or clone as long as it has AppleWorks 5.1 up and running. 

About this website

Ancestorworks disappeared from the Internet in 2002.  The only reason this site exists is thanks to the Wayback Archive and also thanks to files provided to us by Bud prior to the site disappearing from the Internet.

We provide this software thanks to the generosity of Bud Simrin. All copyrights of this material remain with Bud Simrin as the author of the program.  This software is free for download but please take the time to register it with Bud.  If you really feel strongly about it, take the time to send him $30 for the program and let him know you appreciated it.


While this software is free, we recommend you register your copy using the convenient form in the right hand column to let Bud know that you appreciate his efforts. Bud can be reached directly with the form to the left.

Ancestorworks 5 was designed and programmed by Dr. Bud Simrin.  Website produced by A.P.P.L.E.