ANW Overview

ANW Overview and Features

Version 2.0 of AncestorWorks 5 (ANW), a genealogy program for the Apple II family of computers (and for Apple II emulators on Mac computers) that works entirely within AppleWorks 5.1, is now being released as Freeware.

Restrictions:Dr. Bud Simrin retains all rights. Note that only version 2 is being released as freeware, not earlier versions. You are free to use ANW and to provide copies to your friends but mass mailings (or emailings) of over 5 copies is prohibited. Uploading to bulletin boards and other computer services is strictly prohibited without express written consent of the author. By adhering to these restrictions, you will be helping the author to maintain configuration control in order to make sure that only the latest version is available for download from any site.

ANW consists of the following:

   1. Four database templates to enter and track your data.

   2. Word processor help screens. These are pop-up help screens with information about the database cell you are editing.

   3. Glossaries, which are pop-up windows inside a database, to let you see and enter information from the other databases without leaving the database you are in.

   4. A Timeout application (called AncestorWorks) that provides file card menus to help you manage your genealogical data. AncestorWorks utilizes 31 task files that work behind the scenes to carry out your menu choices. 

ANW started shipping in January, 1996. In addition to standard Apples, it has been tested on Macintoshes running AppleWorks 5 in Deja ][ as well as in Bernie ][.

The AncestorWorks Timeout application does not duplicate any AppleWorks functions. You use the familiar AppleWorks commands to load files to the desktop, edit them, save them, sort the database files, insert new database records, and print database reports and word processor and spreadsheet files. ANW will create the 4 database templates for you, create the pop-up glossaries, provide you with help screens, and create reports. The Pedigree and Family Reports are word processor files that you may then further modify and print or save. The forward (descendent) and backward (ancestor) trees are spreadsheet files that you may print in either regular mode or sideways. The GEDCOM export file is a simple text file that can be easily ported to other platforms and imported into other genealogy programs.

The following features come from AppleWorks (with help from AncestorWorks 5):

    * Supports over 16,250 relatives in your database (although 1000+ is the practical limit due to Apple speed and memory constraints)

    * Lightning fast sorts on 1, 2, or 3 fields.

    * Timeout DB.Replace performs global replacements

    * Scanned photographs can be viewed using double hi-res (DHR) from within database files

    * Pop-up help screens for every database category

    * Pop-up glossaries to enter data from other databases without leaving the database you are in

    * Word processor windows allow you to enter additional free-format information. This information can be displayed on screen without leaving the database, and it can be printed separately.

    * Friendly (AppleWorks) user interface and data entry

    * Clipboard makes it easy to share ancestor records

    * Several American and European options for date formats

    * Use the word processor to modify reports (with special fonts, or add or delete information) to suit your taste

    * Supports wide range of dot matrix, ink jet, and laser printers.

      The following additional features come from ANW (with some help from AppleWorks):

    * Tracks up to 10 spouses and 20 children for each ancestor

    * Trees support up to 125 generations (limited only by your desktop memory)

    * Unique descendent tree design looks more natural (tree-like) than trees in other programs

    * Numerous tree options. You can print names only, or as much additional information as you wish, such as birth and death dates and/or places, marriage dates and places, causes of death, special events (e.g., confirmation dates), religious preference, or anything else you can think of

    * Up to 32 characters for a family name, plus 29 characters for first and middle names, plus 11 more characters for a name appendix (like junior or senior). Plus a secondary provision for a virtually unlimited number of middle names

    * A wide variety of Individual and Family reports, including Ahnentafel lists, individual pedigrees, uncles/aunts/cousins.

    * Up to 72 characters for names of places; plus a secondary provision with virtually unlimited length

    * Nearly unlimited space for extra notes, documentation of sources, and your own special information

    * Formatted templates to enter your data with room for expansion to cover any special information of your own

    * A Notes database for free-format entry of additional information. Plus, you can assign symbols to help identify and manage various categories of notes

    * Imports data in GEDCOM format

    * Address Book database for names, phone/fax numbers, addresses/internet, birth dates, and anniversary dates

    * A 100+ page Users Manual on disk with a comprehensive index

      And, of course, ANW supports the latest version 5.1 of AppleWorks which works on all Apples and the Macintosh. AncestorWorks 5 is the only genealogy program that supports AppleWorks 5.

      The following features were added in version 2, the latest release.

    * GEDCOM export

    * Improved GEDCOM import

    * Cross-check records and automatically fill in links.

    * Find unreferenced data

    * GREATLY expanded and tailorable Pedigree report

    * Feature-laden and tailorable Family report

    * New "echo" categories in the name database (N.yourname) that automatically fill in text associated with name, date, and place ID numbers.

      Version 2 caused ANW to expand from 13 task files to 31, so the additions are substantial even though the list above is quite compact. The documentation is complete, having been rewritten to merge in the new features. It includes numerous screen shots to help you get started. 

Ancestorworks 5 was designed and programmed by Dr. Bud Simrin.  Website produced by A.P.P.L.E.